How To Play

Getting Started

Step 1: Browser Setup

Download the Google Chrome, FireFox, or Brave browser. We recommend using Google Chrome, as the browser is fairly easy to use, and the MetaMask plugin is easy to learn.

Step 2: MetaMask Extension Installation

  1. Go to and add an extension to your browser (Chrome | Mozilla FireFox)
  2. Follow the steps given by MetaMask to set up your “Digital Wallet” that allows you to access our blockchain-enabled application.
  3. Store your Seed Phase and Password somewhere safe because this is where your critters are stored. (or throw it into the digital wind, we don’t care… we just can’t help you get them back if you lost it — your call)

Step 3: Create Account

Head back to the PurposeCritters website, and click on the “Login” button. We’ve put some updates into the account creation process, in order to help you further personalize your experience. You’ll need to verify some of your personal information in order to proceed.

Step 4: Access the Game Server

From the account creation process, you’ll be able to sign into the game server. Accessing the marketplace now gives you the ability to purchase critters and interact with the ones you already own, featuring filters more useful than the average Bing search. The updates to the Marketplace and Exchange are meant to assist you in finding critters that you would want to add to your team, as well as filter out critters that might be out of your price range.


Getting Critters: Buy brand new critters from the Marketplace and critters from other players for a premium at the Exchange.

Elemental Affiliation: Every PurposeCritter has an elemental affiliation that determines their strengths and weaknesses against other critters/ You can determine which elemental affiliation a critter is by looking at its the icon displayed in the info menus.

Rarity: Each PurposeCritter has a rarity level which both influences its aesthetic look and total potential strength. Rare critters gain stats at a faster rate than do less rare critters. There are six rarities ranging from Common to Diamond. These are digitally unique and scare.

Levels: Each PurposeCritter can gain Experience Points (XP) and level up. Adoption Center critters can be purchased at level 1, but the PVP Exchange allows critters to be sold at higher levels. Critters can be leveled up to level 100. Levels are determined by the total amount of XP points allotted to a critter.

Nickname: Click on any critter you own and bring up its detail view, to modify its nickname.

Teams: Teams are composed of three critters. Your teams gain stats as a collective unit. Switch to the Team Battle game mode to play with them.


Search Filters: Use the search filters to specify what type of critter you want. You can use multiple to be more specific in your search.

Buy Critter: If the critter is within your price range, buy it. Your transaction will need to be signed in MetaMask. When you approve it, you’ll have a gas transfer cost in tandem with your transaction cost. You can check your transaction on Etherscan to check to make sure it gets verified by the Ethereum chain nodes.


My Teams: Create a team of up to 3 critters. Scroll over to “My Teams” in the Account page. Click the “Add a New Team” button. You can add a new team name, by clicking the top Title. To create the team, add new critters by clicking on the critters and “Add”. When 3 critters have been added, click the “Save Team” button.

My Profile: You can see your total number of Critters Owned, Battles Played, Battles Won, and Battles Lost. You can edit your gamer username, your associated wallet address, and the country of origin.