Purpose Critters
Buy. Battle. NFT Trade.

Purpose Critters' NTF+ are jam-packed with gaming purpose. Train your critter, battle other players and trade up!

Join our BETA now and get a head start on the gameplay before our planned full launch. Play on Google Chrome browsers right now. Join our DISCORD community.


Crypto Collectibles

Proof of ownership on the Ethereum blockchain. Trading and listing your rare critters for adoption keeps the game refreshing!

Train, Win & Level Up!

Develop the abilities of your critters as they grow in experience, learning new attacks and growing their power!

Build Your Own Team

Take up to three critters into battle. Balance your critters' abilities with strategic planning to claim victory!

Our Commitment

Purpose Critters is designed and created by the team and partners at One Earth Rising. Established in 2018.

Our team is dedicated to making Purpose Critters a success with decades of combined knowledge and experience.

One Earth Rising

Jan Roessner
Chief Executive Officer
  • Former Air Force officer & helicopter pilot deployed to Afghanistan, Kosovo, and Bosnia.
  • Successfully built and grew a previous gaming company with the release of six video games.
Justin Bovington
Chief Creative Officer / Chief Marketing Officer
  • Pioneer of metaverse marketing including Second Life, Disney, Google Lively.
  • Successfully launched over 30+ video games/services.
Bronson Lingamfelter
Chief Operating Officer
  • Former COO and Head of Business Development at comiXology.
  • Negotiated IP partnerships with Disney, Marvel, DC Comics, Image, Warner Brothers, Walking Dead, and 100+ independent titles.
Luc Bernard
Game Producer
  • Directed and Produced over 13 Games.
  • Released games on everything from the PSP up to Switch, Xbox, and PS5.
Sean Reid
Game Programmer
  • Decades of game producing.
  • Has produced games from GameBoy Advance up to PlayStation 5.
Lexy Graves
Community Manager
  • Video Game Writer.
  • Indigenous Twitch Streamer.
What are PurposeCritters?

PurposeCritters are digital creatures that you can adopt, train, battle, trade, and play games with. The magic behind PurposeCritters is that they are blockchain-based creatures, meaning each critter is unique, provably rare, and owned by you. The critters you adopt are yours forever unless you decide to sell or trade them. Nobody, not even the PurposeCritters team, can take your critters without your permission.

What makes PurposeCritters different?

Although tradable and valuable like Bitcoin and other digital assets, PurposeCritters are non-fungible digital assets, meaning that each one is unique. Much like a piece of art can be worth millions, your PurposeCritters are unique pieces of digital art with a genetic code determining its aesthetics and in-game attributes. Players can alter the state of their PurposeCritters and earn experience points.

What are the steps to getting started?
  1. Buy Ethereum (ETH): Coinbase is the most reputable and easiest for beginners.
  2. Install the MetaMask Browser Extension (Google Chrome | Mozilla FireFox | Brave)
  3. Transfer ETH to MetaMask (Explainer Video)
  4. That's it! Once MetaMask is installed, you're ready to buy and play!

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